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Beartree Pottery

Handmade ceramics and goods crafted with love.

Teaching the art & love of all things clay and pottery.

Storefront & Classes

128 NW Veterans St.

Lake City, FL 32055

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About the Artist

Hi there! I'm Leanna Beartree, maker of all things Beartree Pottery. My other titles include: teacher, mother and painter. I have been crafting ceramics for the past 10 years and love to create art that others will cherish. I hope all my pieces bring the joy to you that it brings me to create them! I also love creating custom and unique orders, please email/message me to see if we can make your vision come to life! I am a Florida State certified Art Teacher and love to share the joy of clay with any who want to learn. Book your class today and let's get muddy!

Black Sgraffito Collection

Sage Sgraffito Planter


Lavender Sprigs Carved Mug


Burnt Orange Sgraffito Planter


Bear Collection

Squat Mama Bear Mug


Teal Black Bear Commision

Drippy Opal Bear mUg


Sunflower Collection

Sunflower cups


Sunflower Mugs


Filled Custom Orders

Pottery Classes

Now offering:

Solo Pottery Class

Couples Pottery Class

Pottery Parties (3-8people)

Hand-Building Classes (3-8 people)

Mommy and Me Classes

Please click the link to the calendar to book your class today! Please reach out if you have any special occasions you would like to plan!

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Class Calendar

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Common Questions


Can we bring in our own food/drinks to our class?

Yes you can! I provide a complimentary beverage but you can bring in your beverages of choice and bring snacks as well!



What do we make in a class?

The clay usually tells you what it wants to be the first time or two ​especially if you are on the wheel. Most people end up with a small ring ​dish, cup or bowl.




What do we do if we want it glazed?


Glazing is the glassy layer that is added once your piece has been fired once. Glazing is optional and you can come back to do it yourself for $10 each ot have the professional add it for you for $15.


What do we wear to a class and how long will we be there?

Classes usually last around an hour, with the exception of larger parties. I do provide aprons to wear, however clay tends to get on other parts as well. Clay and glaze will easily come out of clothing but if you have some place to be after, I would avoid black and darker colors as we use white clay in the studio.


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Class Series Info

peach and brown aesthetic abstract doodle  shape

Class Series

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Contact Me

Leanna Beartree


IG: @beartreepottery


128 NW Veterans St. Lake City, FL

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Email me for Custom orders/ Pre-Orders

Current Store Hours:

Wednesday: 4pm-7pm

Thursday: 4pm-7pm

Friday: 10am-7pm

Saturday: 10am-4pm

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